All You Should Know About Carbon and Graphite Bricks

The Carbon and Graphite Bricks are used mostly in commercial places like for the lining materials of the various caustic as well as acidic materials. Many times it happens that the synthetic materials cannot be used as lining material and that is when such options come your way. 

The biggest advantage of using Carbon Bricks is their ability to withstand the sudden changes in temperature, ability to cope with the acid attack and lastly bear the high temperatures too. Owing to all these properties only these bricks have gained a lot of popularity.

So before going deep into the topic we will know more about these materials.

Graphite- allotrope of carbon 

As we all know that graphite is one allotrope of carbon while the other is diamond. Both of them have specific properties that distinguish them with one another.

When you talk about graphite it is opaque, dark grey in colour and known for its lustrous property. The best part of this allotrope is that it exists in two forms, non-metal as well as the metal. This is one property that makes graphite a unique one. Apart from this, it is said to have high thermal conductivity along with flexibility that makes it different.

The credit of its properties goes to the crystalline structure in which the all the atoms of the carbon are arranged together in the hexagonal form. 

Applications of Carbon and Graphite Bricks

There is no denial to the fact that the Carbon and Graphite Bricks are both used in the commercial industry, chemical, electrical, mechanical as well as the nuclear industry. Its properties are such that it can put to be use in various ways and that is why it finds its place in every industry. 

  • Mechanical industry – Piston rings, vanes, fuel pumps, shafts etc make use of the Carbon and Graphite Bricks.
  • Nuclear industry – Different types of reflector components are made from it. The reason is the ability of the carbon-graphite to absorb less and have high strength and thermal conductivity.
  • Chemical industry – The lining of the blast furnace is made from such bricks or you can find its use in shielding especially for the pyrometers. Many electric furnaces too use electrodes that are made of graphite only.
Thus you can say that the utility of such bricks is in every industry and that is why there are many suppliers from where you can get quality bricks to suit different purposes. 


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